Grodo Smiles Fundraising Website

I have started my fundraising web on the Operation Smile website. The address to the website is listed bellow. Even small donations like $1 or $5 will help.

I cannot wait for my first mission trip to Honduras in February. I speak “survival” Spanish, mainly from occasional travels to Spain, Central and South America. My vocabulary allows me to order in restaurants and get directions, but I am not sure it allows me to provide calm and assurance to children and their parents. I will be studying in the months leading up to the trip medical Spanish to hopefully better be able to connect with my patients in Tegucigalpa.

In addition, as an adult anesthesiologist, I will be reviewing like crazy how best to provide pediatric anesthesia. There is a cliche in the field that children are not “little adults.” They present unique and sometimes terrifying challenges when providing anesthesia care. I am fortunate to have great colleagues at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia who will be providing guidance as I get ready for this trip.

Fundraising website.


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