Day 11: Seaside Happiness


Ramparts_of_EssaouiraOur visit to Essauoira was a vacation within a vacation. We took an early bus from Marrakesh and came to our dimly lit, richly colored, romantically adorned riad in Essaouira’s medina. After setting foot on the top terrace that had a view of the violent waves that crashed onto the rocky shore, a feel of relaxation and equanimity washed over us, purging us from any notion of hustle and bustle. The city was a spawning ground for deadlocked French hippies, coming to the favorite sojourn of Bob Marley and Jimi Hendrix years ago. Bohemian artists set up numerous galleries to compliment the ferocious beauty of the waves sculpting the port’s coastline. During our short stay, Missy and I promised to refuse stress, savor romance, feel the sun touch our face and smell the salty wind. As the bus pulled away the next day, passing by goats climbing on forests of Argan trees (who would chew the nuts that would be later collected and pressed to make the precious Argan oil), I smiled knowing that the mission here was accomplished.


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-This was one of our favorite cities, the medina is more laid back especially compared to Marrakesh and there is a great fish market that is also interesting to see.

-Try to come to the end of the port in the afternoon to see row after row of fishing boat land in the port and carry in the fishing haul for the day.

-Lodging- Riad Alech– If you want romantic, this is your place. The owners are warm and wonderful, it is located in the heart of the medina. Be warned, it is really dimly lit- especially difficult if going from the sunny terrace back inside the stairs where your eyes need to quickly adjust to the darkness or you will fall down the staircase. We staid in the suite which gave us access to the biggest bathtub we’ve ever seen- like 9 feet wide. There are many housing options in the city, but this is a good one.

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